Pediatric Bracing Specialists

At Kinematic Improvements, we fabricate every type of orthotic and prosthetic device including the new Bounders Modular Dynamic AFO. We are experts in modular design. Modular design allows for growth adjustments, improved comfort and increased patient satisfaction.

  • Complete in-house central fabrication

  • We make Rivets with YOUR Companies Logo

  • We Offer Super Custom Crazy Felt Pads

  • Custom fabrication done fast and right the first time

  • Over 53 years of combined fabrication experience

  • We guarantee all of our work to surpass your expectations

  • Our orthoses allow for growth adjustments and on-the-spot adjustments, no tools required

  • Modular design makes it easier to adapt to your patients needs

  • Consultations always available to customize our products to your case

The Kinematic Difference

Our patient care and customer satisfaction is always first. We will always do whatever is needed to ensure nothing short of the very best outcome.

  • We are the only company to offer Bounders Modular Dynamic AFO fabrication

  • All modifications performed by CPO

  • Every orthosis has custom biomechanical modifications that work to improve alignment and gait kinematics

  • Our custom molded inner boots have the unique ability for growth adjustments and improved comfort

  • Only company to offer customized names within the padding

  • Free promotional stickers with your company name

  • Competitive pricing and fast service

  • Exceptional customer service with full support team

  • New Sach Heel coming soon

  • 20% Off your first order

Meet Our Founder

Nathan can empathize and care for those he treats, because he too is a patient, and understands that the devices we fabricate help on a day to day basis.

Nathan Sutti
Nathan SuttiCPO, CTPO, LPO / CEO
Nathan discovered that there was no light weight and adjustable orthotic device on the market that truly helped patients walk better by assisting with their weak lower limb muscles. This observation led to his invention of the Bounder Modular Dynamic AFO.

“What I love the most about Bounders AFOs by Kinematic Improvements is that I can adjust the feedback tension for my young patient quickly in one visit, with no special tools.”

Maria Gonzalez, Physical Therapist

“Sutti Bounders store and return energy – mimicking normal muscle function and if needed, a ground reaction force. Smart-and-simple modular design, three levels of performance to choose from add up to an easy-to-use -system to treat your pediatric and young adult patient base.”

Greg Mattson, Fabtech Systems

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